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Your Lashes and ‘The Curl Effect’

January 19, 2023

You may already use and love RevitaLash® Advanced. But have you heard of The Curl Effect®? Our award-winning serum, beloved by millions, not only helps your lashes look and feel their best. It can also enhance their natural curl. Some users experience a visibly noticeable lift without even touching a lash curler. 

The Secret Is the Science

The Curl Effect® is a patented technology, which means no other lash serum, mascara, or celebrity-hyped product offers the same renowned ingredient complex. This technology delivers essential nutrients directly to lashes to condition, strengthen, and improve their flexibility. And healthier strands can mean more curl and more lift.

You’ll find The Curl Effect® in all three of our ophthalmologist-formulated lash conditioners: RevitaLash® Advanced, RevitaLash® Advanced Sensitive, and RevitaLash® Advanced Pro. (Here’s how to tell which lash serum is right for you.) And each version contains everything lashes need and nothing they don’t…. like parabens, phthalates, or fragrances. They’re also doctor-developed, dermatologist-reviewed, science-backed.

A Swipe a Day

How do you apply RevitaLash® Advanced? One swipe, that’s all.

Simply apply the serum directly to clean eyelashes above the lash line once a day. You’ll notice yours will begin to look and feel healthier. In fact, in a consumer study, 98% of users reported stronger, more beautiful lashes after six weeks of using the product. Imagine: Increased lift, more flexibility, and enhanced natural curl in a single swipe. Yes, really!

Want Even More Oomph? 

Are you a lover of lash lifts? An extension enthusiast? Taken to tinting?

If you want bold, dramatic, showstopping lashes, it’s important to strengthen the foundation – a.k.a. your natural lashes. RevitaLash® Advanced is the answer.

Think of this lash conditioner as self-care, an at-home beauty treatment… a luxurious serum that can streamline your routine and enhance your look. With The Curl Effect®, you may fall so in love with your natural lashes, you won’t want to do anything else to them at all. 

Picture This

When done right, your eyes up the drama. You look brighter and more vibrant. And isn’t that the brilliance of RevitaLash® Advanced? It gives your lashes the certain spark to ignite true magnetism! 

Know this: if you’re a fan of a good selfie, The Curl Effect® is your best friend. See for yourself. Take a selfie showing your lashes as they are right now. Then, in a few weeks after beginning your one-swipe-a-day with RevitaLash® Advanced, take a second pic. Compare.

So, is getting the best lashes of your life really this easy? Yes, it is!

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