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No-Makeup Makeup is Trending: Get the Look

August 24, 2023

No-Makeup Makeup is Trending: Get the Look

Not long ago, it seemed like every makeup look in our feeds featured over the top faux lashes and blocky, heavily filled in brows. But these days, a more natural-looking aesthetic has replaced the full glam face, and no-makeup makeup is becoming this season’s go-to style. If you’re as ready as we are to let your natural beauty shine, try these tricks to create a minimalist beauty look that will put your best features front and center.


Level Up Your (Natural) Lashes

Where larger than life, fantasy lashes ruled a few seasons ago, now real, fluttery, attainable lashes are providing the focal point of the no-makeup look. Forget affixing false lashes every morning, or keeping up with extensions every few weeks. All you need to get the naturally beautiful look is a strengthening lash conditioner and the right mascara. 

Choose a lash serum that’s hypoallergenic and clinically tested, like our RevitaLash® Advanced formula. A bestseller for good reason, this lash conditioner is developed by an ophthalmologist with our exclusive BioPeptin Complex® to strengthen lashes and protect against breakage while improving flexibility and shine. It can even help enhance lashes’ natural curl. The result: Real, dramatic-looking lashes. Add a coat or two of our Double-Ended Volume Set for full effect.


Get the “Now” Brow

Brows everywhere are in their natural era. We’re leaving heavy, angular brows behind in favor of a softer, more feathery vibe. Healthy-looking eyebrows are essential to this look, which means daily brow serum application is a must…and the formula you choose matters. There are many brow serums on the market, but only our RevitaBrow® Advanced is a 10-time consecutive Allure Best of Beauty Award winner. This physician-developed formula addresses the visible signs of eyebrow aging to deliver healthier-looking, more luxurious brows that are ideal for creating the feathered look.

Finish your brows with a few swipes of our Hi-Def Brow Gel, which features conditioning ingredients to nourish brows while you lock them in place. Brush hairs upward to create a full, fluffy effect.


Trade in Your Foundation

A fresh, foundation-free complexion is key to achieving the no-makeup look, so move your full-coverage, matte formulas to the back of the shelf. Instead, even out your skin tone with a lightweight tinted moisturizer, or use strategically placed concealer to minimize imperfections and leave the rest of your skin naked. Use your fingers instead of a brush to apply makeup; this will allow the products to melt into your skin, leaving a more natural-looking finish.


Choose Creams Over Powders

When it comes to eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, and bronzer, cream formulas are easier to blend seamlessly and look more natural than powders. To set your makeup and improve its staying power, finish your look with a setting spray instead of powder.


Add a Hint of Tint

Finish your minimalist makeup look with a tinted lip balm or stain that provides a soft kiss of color. Not only are these products more natural-looking than full-color lipstick, they’re lower maintenance and can be reapplied without a mirror. What could be more perfect for summer?


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